Photoshoot // Niam

Liam was really looking forward to sunday, Niall would go with him to his work since he had to do a swimsuit photoshoot that day and he really wanted him to visit him at work sometime. As his alarm clock went off at 4:45 am Liam woke up and hopped into the shower, after he was done he just wore a tank and some shorts so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to change quickly when they were already at the beach for the shoot. He walked over to the bed and turned on the nighstand lamp, shaking Niall to wake him up. “Ni? It’s time love, we have to go already.” He whispered into his ear and pecked his lips to wake him up.

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    Smiling, the blonde pulled his boyfriend closer, soon falling asleep with the love of his life in his arms.
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    Liam smiled and snuggled up to Niall, resting his head on his chest and hugging his waist, he kissed on his toned pecs...